NOLA Reopened: Are we really ready?

The city of New Orleans was reopened last May. As we all know, our lives will not be back to normal but it will be “the new normal”. The curve has decreased these past few weeks and our front liners were always on top to deliver.

The reopening guidelines were well versed and straightforward. The city officials have come up with “3 Phases” for safety reopening. It’s not the date but the lowering percentage of infected is the number one basis for the reopening. 

Everybody should follow “the new normal” things to do to avoid the “second wave” spread of the virus. The new normal routine includes wearing a face mask every time we go out, social distancing, and always disinfecting. The more people will be responsible enough and abide with the “new normal”, the more we lessen the curve. We should maintain high health workers capacity and implement guidelines to lessen and flatten the curve.

The phases for safe reopening are aligned with the State of Louisiana and the White House.

The 3 Phases includes;

  1. 1. PHASE ONE will ease the restrictions of the Stay Home Order and on some low-risk businesses while implementing social distancing and proper gear for protection from the virus. Senior citizens and people with medical conditions were not  allowed to go outside. And work from home is still advised. When phase is successfully completed and the trend is going down, we’ll move to Phase 2.
  2. 2. PHASE TWO will ease the restrictions on medium risk operations with continued safety measures. 
  3. 3. PHASE THREE will happen with an immunity vaccine for the population. Some restrictions may still apply.

With the help of the Advisory Panel and the Working Groups to organize a holistic reopening approach. The panel will provide professional advice to ensure safety and smooth reopening of the city. 

All government agencies were also implementing their own checking and new rules to reopen and continue their service to the public. For example, the RTA has implemented new systems and fare for public transport. And the library will remain closed for more public safety.

New Orleans was under Phase One from May 16, 2020 and was updated to Phase Two last June 13, 2020. 

As the day of “the new normal” is fast approaching, many low-risks businesses were getting ready for their reopening. They start disinfecting, implementing social distancing rules and wearing a face mask, too. 

Last 13th of July the governor announced changes on Phase Two. Changes include statewide mask mandate, a 50-person limit on indoor gatherings, and the statewide closure of bars. 

Orleans Parish though has different more strict rules. Mast remains in public, social distancing should always be observed, social gatherings it only limited to 25 person, and all bars with or without an LDH food permit will be closed for on-site consumption.

Many people are thrilled about the reopening. However, we should all bear in mind that our lives will not be back to normal until we flatten the curve and find a cure for the virus. We should still be vigilant and don’t let our guard down even if our city is slowly getting back to its feet. Let’s all keep safe and follow sanitary rules to avoid the spread.

“We are all in this together!”

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