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In this Pandemic, technology is the most important instrument for businesses. Local government implemented community quarantine, social distancing, and lockdowns which affected several businesses. Going online is now the go-to of all lines of business.

There’s a lot of ways to serve your clients using online technology. Nowadays, there are platforms that you can use whatever type of business you have. In this competitive market every business is striving to serve especially in this hard time. 

A lot of retail companies make sure they have delivery services and consultancy business to make sure that they get in touch with their customers via webinars, online sessions, and are always active on all social media platforms.

Real estate business is one of the markets who uses online marketing. Whether you’re a realtor or appraisal being online will help you up your game. This pandemic has thought a lot to utilize all online platforms to conduct meetings, webinars, or one on one sessions. 

Real estate appraisers also come up with a desktop inspection wherein the Certified Real Estate Appraiser doesn’t have to go to the property to do the inspection. To implement social distancing, safety, and to make sure we are still providing accurate information on the value of the property we’re inspecting.

We still do onsite inspections following the safety guidelines provided by the authorities. Where we call the client before accessing the property for some reminders, to-do’s and what to expect on the inspection whether it is an interior or exterior inspection.

We always make sure that we are always present online to cater to all real estate appraisal consultations and inquiries. As a certified real estate appraiser, we still want to provide quality and accurate information to all appraisal reports we will provide to our clients. We are present in almost all social media and online platforms to deliver our promised services.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the likes are very powerful especially in this pandemic to still be visible to all our target markets. We also make sure our website is well-maintained and our blogs are up to date to give value to all our clients and prospects. You can also conduct online sessions via Zoom or Skype to cater to all your clients’ inquiries. Some businesses like ours also have online ordering forms for more convenient quote inquiries and appraisal order taking for our clients. Integrating all applications you need to still provide service is very essential. I hope this helps.

Even if the city is now reopening, we’re still in the new normal and in the process of decreasing the curve. Doing business virtually is still essential and lessens the contact for safety. Dietz Appraisal, LLC is proud to be a part of the competitive digital marketing world. We are present in almost all online platforms to attend and cater service to all our clients. 

We can also schedule you for a Virtual Lunch & Learn Sessions for all Realtors, Lenders, and Estate Attorneys. This is to answer all questions and educate our brothers and sisters in the real estate business. Please don’t hesitate to book your session with us.